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Explore Lyon and its surroundings, taste local wines, and indulge in genuine cuisine lyonnaise.

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Our tour guide Jeremie met us at a hotel and we began a journey to the old town, Roman ruins and amphitheatre, down to the renaissance quarters. Jeremie knows the city and depending on your interests will customise the route. Truly to cover all historical parts, 5 hours wasn’t enough but we were a bit tired of walking. The best way to see the city is to break a tour into two pieces, 3-4 hours each, and not visiting all at once, otherwise there will be information overload. Appreciated visits to silk shops

Aleksey Bedenko


Jeremie did a great job sharing his knowledge and passion for Lyon with us. We learned a lot, saw a lot, and had lovely day. We came away with an appreciation for Lyon, and familiarity that helped us for the rest of our stay.



We had a tour together with Jeremie in November. It has been a great day in Lyon with a lot of useful information. You notice quite fast that Jeremie loves his city and he transfers it to the visitor. I would book another tour without hesitation. Thanks for the day.



A perfect full day tour of Lyon. Jeremie was engaging, knowledgeable and charming. He is born and raised in Lyon and the love for his city is apparent.


Art Director

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